Want to lose weight and keep fit, and live or work in the city of Preston? There are lots of different areas and choices to make when it comes to thinking about health, fitness and your body.


Personal Training Studio

Of course, you could choose a personal trainer in preston like this one here and train in their private fitness studio. They’ll have an abundance of equipment to help shape the body you want and work on the different muscles to get that shape.


Big Commercial Gym

These are the likes of PureGym, Virgin Active, DWFitness First, Lifestyle Fitness and Total Fitness in Preston. They have lots of equipment, but generally work on the fact that they have lots of members who come at different times (some not at all) and want to use the different pieces of equipment. Lots can be

A Sports Centre

West View Leisure Centre, Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre and Fulwood Leisure Centre are a few that comes to mind. These fitness centres generally have more than just a gym and a sauna. They will moist probably have squat courts, tennis courts, badminton and basket ball areas, and one or two will have swimming pools.

Swimming is a great cardio exercise to do if you need to lose weight (just make sure you can swim. Safety first!).


Local Parks

Avenham and Miller Parks, Moor Park and Haslam Park are popular choices. You can briskly walk here, walk the dog, ride a bike or even run if that’s what you want to do. Lots of space in these parks and many different types of scenery and nature around so that you don’t go too crazy while keeping fit.

There are lots of different places where you can lose weight, whether you have a significant amount of disposable income or you just don’t have much: all avenues are available, it just depends how motivated you are to reaching your goals.