That’s a common question we hear from many different people: how can they lose weight, but still keep eating those great tasting foods?

Well, the key is knowledge and moderation. Let’s look into how that all works.

When you decide to burn the fat and sort out all of your bouncy bits there isn’t much point going on a diet because diets just don’t work.

Lots of people become excited when they learn about Emma down the road who lost 2 stones in the last 12 weeks and can now fit into the party dress she picked out a few months back. But, you then find out that she got this “weight loss diet” from someone who worked at the local hospital and it’s all about blending your own soups and drinking some weird green concoction.

That’s the thing about diets: they’re a bit weird and not really in keeping with a sustainable healthy eating plan.

If you’re serious about eating the right foods and losing weight over a moderate amount of time then you’ll be more inclined to keep the weight off and looking great for years to come.

The annoying thing when it comes to diets is that people fall off the wagon quickly because they’re too strict and they become bored with eating boring tasting food. Then there’s the point where they go back to their old ways and end up putting on more weight than they lot in the initial stages. An absolute nightmare!

So, what is the answer? Eating some of the foods that are great for your body and nutrition and in portion sizes that shouldn’t make you hungry all of the time. That’s what any smart local personal trainer will tell you, and they would be right.

Remember that in order to burn fat you must eat good quality fats: none of this low-fat junk.

The foods to eat

  • Whole eggs: they have a great amount of proteins and fats
  • Green leafy vegetables: like spinach and kale: have lots of antioxidants in them to help move toxins out of the body and they supply much-needed fibre for bodily functions
  • Lean protein: from white means or lean cuts of red meats. Eaten in moderation these offer some great protein sources (much needed for repairing muscles when you’ve been to the gym or even for a brisk walk outside)
  • Legumes: beans, peas and lentils are great sources of fibre and protein (especially if you’re a vegetarian)
  • Dark skinned berries: such as strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. Understand that these do contain a certain amount of carbs (sugars) and you shouldn’t eat too much of them, but they contain great antioxidants
  • Fish: a great way of consuming lean protein with some healthy Omega-3 fatty acids that will help you with your weight loss goals if you’re overweight or obese
  • Nuts: they offer an ample amount of good quality fats, protein and fibre. Just watch out not to consume too many: you can easily over eat on nuts
  • Full-fat yoghurt: this is really good for your gut bacteria and it’s really tasty
  • Coconut oil: high in fat and great for your body. It can help to increase satiety and burn more fat off your body


What foods not to eat

Those that you’re allergic to or intolerant to (lots of people just aren’t aware of what foods they’re intolerant to), as that’s starting off on completely the wrong foot.

picture of a burger and fries on a plate

Some include:

  • Fast food: any type of fast food is generally not great for you and your fat loss journey (common ones are burgers, chips, pizza, pasta)
  • Lots of carbs: carbs are needed for the diet, but you shouldn’t be loading them on your plate. A healthy balance of them is good, but eating too many of them is what most people gain weight over
  • Processed foods: any food that is tinned or packaged for ease. These foods tend to be high in both salt and sugar (or something hidden as a sugar additive)
  • All fresh fruits: there are certain fruits that have a content of sugar that are then absorbed by the body quickly and you should stay away from them while you are cutting the amount of calories in your diet
  • Muffins, donuts, scones, cakes: these are hugely processes foods that contain lots of sugars and carbs (that will be commonly stored as fat in your body), so they’re best avoided. And no, gluten free doesn’t skip the line on this one either


The main thing is that you can eat wonderfully tasting and nutritious foods at the same time as finding a weight loss centre service in Preston. However, it’s important to control your portion sizes and record exactly what you consume. There are a ton of apps out there that will help you understand exactly what you’re eating and in what quantities (as well as highlight any hidden things that certain foods might contain).

The main thing to also keep in mind is that a significant amount of fat in your diet alongside a significant amount of carbs may lead you to putting on weight. So, keep the fats but lose some of the amount of carbs if fat loss is your goal.